Formalization of customs guarantees for the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Request on guarantee document price identifying for the Republic of Belarus

The clients of Ukrtransagent LLC have an opportunity to formalize customs guarantee (for those trucks which move without TIR Carnet) which is necessary for goods moving throught the territory of Belarus in transit or import regime. Customs guarantee is an alternative to TIR-Carnet. This way is much easier to secure customs duties payment.

While formalizing customs guarantee for the territory of Belarus it is necessary to prepare preliminary electronic declaration as well. Our brokers are ready to make such formalizations in those checkpoints where our company is represented. During 30 minutes the driver gets full complex of services not crossing Ukraine-Belarus border.

At the moment we can provide our clients with customs guarantees even if they move through the territory of Belarus to the Russian Federation or Kasakhstan. The guarantee could be formalized directly in the checkpoint without any necessity to conclude a Contract or there is a possibility to conclude a Contract in advance and make cashless payments for the proposed services.

The list of necessary documents to get the service of customs guarantee:

  • CMR
  • invoice
  • certificate of vehicle`s registration
  • drivers` passport
  • approval certificate of a road vehicle for the transport of goods under Customs seal
  • packing list (if available)
  • export/transit declaration (if available)
  • information as for customs point of departure in the Republic of Belarus and customs point of destination in the territory of Customs Union

The price of customs guarantees in the territory of the Republic of Belarus depends on:

  • the amount of customs duties

The price of customs guarantees to the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan through the territory of the Republic of Belarus depends on:

  • the amount of customs duties
  • distance to customs office of destination

Our brokers could make formalizations 24/7 in the following checkpoints: Domanovo, Novi Yarilovichi, and Vistypovichi.