Formalization of customs guarantees for the territory of the Russian Federation

Request on guarantee document price identifying for the Russian Federation
Ukrtransagent LLC provides the service of customs guarantees formalization to secure customs duties payment in the territory of the Russian Federation. Customs guarantee is the document similar to financial guarantee of IFI (Independent financial intermediary) for the territory of Russia.
In accordance with requirements of Russian legislation, customs guarantee is necessary for all types of goods, which move in customs regime of transit through the territory of Russia or brought in it.
Our brokers are ready to provide their clients with the following service immediately. It is very easy to get this service.
The service is provided by our representatives (brokers) at the checkpoints at state border of Ukraine. The guarantee could be formalized directly in the checkpoint without any necessity to conclude a Contract or there is a possibility to conclude a Contract in advance and make cashless payments for the proposed services.

At the Russian part of the border Ukrtransagent LLC is represented at the following international checkpoints: Senkivka, Bachivsk, Katerinivka, but it is possible to get the guarantee document in any checkpoint.

The list of necessary documents to get the service of customs guarantee:

  • CMR
  • invoice
  • certificate of vehicle`s registration
  • drivers` passport
  • packing list (if available)
  • export/transit declaration (if available)
  • mobile phone of the driver
  • information as for customs point of departure in the Russian Federation and customs point of destination in the territory of Customs Union

The price of customs guarantees depends on:

  • the amount of customs duties
  • distance to customs office of destination

To identify the price of customs gurantee we propose to fill in our on-line request.