Preliminary electronic declarations to the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation

If you transfer goods to the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation by road or railway transport, so this proposition could be interesting for you.
Preliminary electronic declaration is a declaration of the certain type sent by an authorized person to the customs authorities with detailed information concerning transportation of goods, which are carried to the Customs Union.
Preliminary electronic declaration of customs authorities as for the goods and vehicles, transported through the customs border is provided by Article 42 of Customs code of the Customs Union.
Brokers of Ukrtransagent are ready to formalize preliminary electronic declaration (advance notification Belarus, advance notification Russia) to make your cargoes cross the border in quicker regime.

Benefits of preliminary electronic declarations are the following:

  • quicker formalization at the checkpoint
  • reduction of customs formalities
  • possibility to implement goods deliveries in limited time

To get the service of advance notification, it is necessary to provide our broker with all shipping documents not later than in 3 hours prior to vehicles arrival at the border.

The list of necessary documents to get the service of Preliminary electronic declarations:

  • CMR
  • invoice
  • copy of TIR Carnet
  • certificate of vehicle`s registration
  • drivers` passport
  • packing list (if available)
  • information as for customs point of departure in Belarus and customs point of destination in the territory of Customs Union

All other necessary activities will be performed by our customs broker – from document handling to sending you bar-code or unique ID number.