Instructions for payment of services

Please read the instructions. Do not pay for services without an invoice!

How to pay for the service

1. Contact the representative of “Ukrtransagent” at the border to receive an invoice for payment (24/7) * : (contacts here)

*you need to contact the representative at the checkpoint through which the car is planned to enter the territory of Ukraine (in the case of online services, with the representative to whom you send the package of documents for the registration of services)

2. Provide the representative with the necessary data to form an invoice (name of your company, services, amount to be paid (if there is any))

3. Inform the agent about the convenient way to send an invoice (e-mail, Viber, Whats App, Telegram)

4. Get a link to pay for services online*

*the invoice can be paid by VISA or MASTERCARD in any currency convenient for you