Customs` formalization of goods in the international automobile checkpoints (transit declaration, import declaration, export declaration)

In case of cargos transportation in customs regime of transit through the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to declare goods at the checkpoint on the state border.

Our agents will help you to fill in transit declaration. Our representatives will formalize quickly and fundamentally a customs transit and they will propose the best way in solving any questions concerned with transit declarations. So, your driver will continue his transit through the territory of Ukraine as soon as possible.

Brokers of Ukrtransagent propose the services of declaring goods in import and export regimes. Customs clearance as well as EX declaration sformalization can be fulfilled in Uzhorod, Chop, Bachivsk, Katerinivka, Mogiliv-Podilskii.

Payment for given services could be performed in bank branch at the border as well as cashless if you have signed long-term contract on with our company.

Our customers always avoid delays at the border during transit procedure and deliver their cargos successfully to the point of destination. The list of our representative offices at the border you could always find in “Contacts” section on our web-site.

If you are private person and want to bring goods to Ukraine for personal usage, the quantity of which
exceeds the standards mentioned in legislation, then you should implement customs clearance at the checkpoint at the border. Our custom agents can cope with this problem easily. The goods will pass the
customs clearance procedure and you`ll get them for free usage.