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We are pleased to offer the international certificates Green Card and CMR-insurance.

Green Card

The presence of an international certificate Green Card is a prerequisite when visiting countries that are part of the Green Card system with your car.

The liability of the vehicle owner is subject to insurance for causing harm to the health and property of third parties through his fault on the territory of the countries participating in the Green Card auto insurance system.

CMR insurance

CMR insurance is a voluntary civil liability insurance of a transport company-carrier, valid in countries that have joined the Convention on Contracts for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR). 

The presence of CMR insurance at the carrier, on the one hand, serves as an additional criterion for the cargo owner in choosing a transport company for the carriage of his cargo, since it gives him confidence in the reliability of the delivery of his cargo; on the other hand, CMR insurance protects the interests of the carrier himself, who is directly responsible for the successful implementation of cargo transportation and the safety of the cargo.